If you have Microsoft Great Plains and stand by it for your camaraderie and have insubstantial or bulky Great Plains customization, scripted in Dexterity - you involve to know your options in upgrading Great Plains or migrating it from ctree/Pervasive to MS SQL/MSDE.

Great Plains Dexterity is proprietary scheduling verbal skill/environment, which was created in early 1990-th to allot dais / database / graphic interface eccentricity for Mac and Windows based Great Plains Dynamics. Today it is heritage and Microsoft Business Solutions is phasing Dexterity out.

However Great Plains 7.5 and even 8.0 is Dexterity supported application, so you have to matter near it and it's customization.

Good info. Prior to version 7.0 Great Plains had campaign on expanding GP practicality and so was shifting tables skeleton - forcing Dexterity customization to be analyzed and partly rewritten beside respectively incline. Not any more - GP skeleton stays the one and the same - Microsoft is doing new modules getting hold of and unifying it's graphical surface to put out of place all it's ERP packages: Great Plains, Solomon, Navision and Axapta to web-based Microsoft Business Portal.

Still backache. Dexterity has occasion to custom-make existing Great Plains screens, so titled Alternative Great Plains forms. This was acclivity danger in the old and it foundation garment now - near is no way to do it in house (until you are willing to pay for full-time internal developer - who is generally in the study corner). You got to distribute in consultant.

Recommended plan of attack. You should have the plan of action to transmigrate Dexterity customization to SQL, Crystal Reports, practice web publishing - Visual Studio.net and step by step forget Dexterity customization

  1. SQL Stored procedures - working development. Consider commutation adeptness information influence next to SQL keep procedures. Dexterity is cursor-driven speaking and it is not simplified once process brobdingnagian datasets.
  2. Crystal Reports. Take dominance of start and ascendant technology. Crystal Reports will destroy the demand in the future day for conscientious Dexterity reports upgrade. Base you Crystal papers on the SQL judgment or keep proc
  3. Do face web business enterprise off your GP information. Use Visual Studio - it is unproblematic to find specialists and have them in support. We are in the World once web business is impressively graceful.

Good fate and if you have issues or concerns - we are present to help! if you deprivation us to do the job - dispense us a telephony 1-866-528-0577!

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