Canada is an provocative and elegant country, but it's also a spacious land broad decussate an full continent, and is in vocabulary of area, the 2d biggest rustic in the international. As might be due for specified a considerable nation, Canadian cooking has many a divers regional variations.

Canadian cuisine is as well influenced by the country's past associations next to Britain and France, and by taste haggle with the neighbor United States. Additionally, German, eastern European (including Polish), and Scandinavian influences can be seen in the West of country, and Canada has formed its own personal mixture of Chinese substance (including the "Chinese smorgasbord" (which is believed to have originated in Vancouver in the ordinal fractional of the 19th time period), and there are also, of course, Inuit and First Nations traditions too.

Some touristy Canadian dishes and meals include:

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- Lumberjack's repast - A oversize meal of eggs, ham, cut of pork and sausage, accompanied by various pancakes.

- Fish and brewis - This is a traditional meal from Newfoundland. It is ready-made from salt-cured cod and hardtack (a savory bread nature wafer made from foodstuff). The cod and the hardtack are some sopping complete dark (separately), then poached (still independent) before person baked unneurotic. Pork fat or skin ("scrunchions"), or raddled food (melted food thick beside chopped onions and food product) are past drizzled concluded the fish and hardtack cocktail.

- Jigg's meal - This is different usual breakfast time of Newfoundland. It consists of saliferous beef, stewed potatoes, cabbage, carrots and turnips, accompanied with pease pudding (a baked mash ready-made from peas).

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- Flipper pie - A Newfoundland crockery ready-made from fixing shoe.

- Toutin - Also from Newfoundland, a toutin (there are a miscellany of spellings, and umteen cyclical calumny such as "damper dogs" or "damper devils") is a pancake-like crockery made from concoction fried in fat.

- Montreal bagels - The Canadian text of bagels; cooked in honey-sweetened sea and consequently parched in a wood-fired kitchen appliance. The bagels are commonly flat-top beside either poppyseed or benni pip (the varieties being referred to as "black seed" and "white seed" severally). Please note: Most bakeries in Montreal are not certified as anyone cosher.

- Oreilles de crisse - Deep-fried meat jowls, routinely served beside maple sweetening.

- Pâté chinois - A French Canadian dishware a little the same to Shepherd's pie: a shroud of terrain beef (usually an assortment of beside peppers and onions), crusty beside a echelon of corn (a mix of intact plant part and creamed corn is customarily in use), encrusted near a band of mashed potatoes. The dish may be sprinkled next to paprika, and is repeatedly served with preserved beets.

- Poutine - Originally from Québec, but now best-selling in Canada, poutine is French french fries lidded near food curds and smothered next to gravy.

- Tourtière - A old-world Québec meat pie, especially common during the Christmas period, made victimisation bottom pork, meat or cows. A variation, tourtière du Lac-Saint-Jean, contains diced hobby and potatoes.

- Ginger cattle - A Chinese crockery grassroots in western Canada, consisting of reflective fried floor covering of beef glazed beside a syrupy condiment (the condiment has been represented as state slightly twin to Japanese teriyaki sauce).

- Butter tarts - Butter, sweetening and egg in a dough ammunition. Various ingredients specified as nuts, coconut, dates, drinkable chips, butterscotch, etc., may optionally be another.

- Figgy duff - A course from Newfoundland, made by heating butter, sugar, egg and raisins in a bag.

- Nanaimo bar - A handed-down Canadian sweet consisting of cardinal layers, from stand to top: a small indefinite quantity band (made exploitation coconut, nut and library paste crumbs), a level of orchidaceous plant custard, and a seam of potable.

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